AnnDees Amazons™  


The Amazons in my movies

Here I introduce the Amazons featuring in my movies with links to the corresponding videos.

Nurse Heike

Heike, professional nurse, private face sitting specialist, small breasts, big butt, mighty thighs.

Featuring in:
"The Next, Please"

"The Squeezer"

"Subscribers Dealer in Distress"

"Two Brutal Amazons"

"FeetErotic Special #1


Gundula, 92 kg, hobby wrestler( men and women), small breasted, mighty 70 cm thighs, big butt, don't talk much, but is very aggressive. Blond fuzz on her lower legs.

Featuring in:

"The Battle of the Year"

"Killer Thighs"

"Gundula, Tatjana + Nicole Wrestling + Boxing"

"Aua, What A Power"


Dagmar "Daggi"

Dagmar, 188 cm tall, self-confident, left-handed, has in both arms resp. face slaps and body smacks equal strength, large 21 cm long, handsome and well-groomed hands, muscular legs and calves, blond fuzz down the arms and legs, erotic voice. Hobbies: jogging, skating, snowboarding, playing saxophones.

Featuring in:

"Psychiatrist Dagmar"
"Obsessed By Dagmar"

Astrid, 198 cm


Astrid applied with 195 cm body size, but a digital survey later showed a proud 198 cm.  

Her leg length: 130 cm, her hand length: 21 cm

Featured in:

"German Giantess"

"Amazon Bikers"

The Casting

A Hard Job

"Measurement of a Giantess", The Remake

"Strict Referee", Fight 1 (Cam 2)

"Strict Referee"  (short version )


"FeetErotic Special #1"

Unreleased films with Astrid will follow soon

Hilu, 181 cm

Hilu is 181 cm tall and naturally dominant. She has a tattoo on her right upper arm and pretty large hands, with which she also likes to distribute tattoos in the form of her handprints. She is verbally in a very good mood and has an erotic voice.

Featured in:

"Hilu's Tattoos"

 Heike von der Reeperbahn, 184 cm

Heike, 184 cm, worked as a professional dominatrix in the legendary Herbertstrasse on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, St. Pauli. She was a face slap specialist and trained daily the strength of her slaps and smacks with a punch bag in the gym. She had a back like a swimmer and an athletic figure. Due to her work she was of course also verbally very dominant .

Featuring in:

"The Callboy"

"HOM against Mobbing"

"Application As Home Servant"

"Self-Help Organization, Part1"

"Self-Help Organization, Part 2"